If you are in trouble with the law, it is important to contact Texas criminal defense lawyers. The reason you have been charged with a crime and the possible consequences of a conviction may not be clear to you. You need someone who knows the law and can give you sound legal advice if you have been accused of a crime.

A criminal defense attorney is responsible for protecting the interests and rights of their clients. They have deep insight into criminal laws and judicial procedure, and they will ensure that you are treated fairly and impartially by police and prosecutors.

Protecting Your Rights
If you have been arrested for a crime, your first call should be to a criminal lawyer. In fact, you should make no statement to police until you have spoken face-to-face with your lawyer. Once your Lewisville criminal defense attorney arrives, they will advise you on how and when to answer questions. They can even speak on your behalf if you would rather not speak.

Your attorney will sift through the evidence that the police have against you. If it does not link you to the crime you have been charged with, your lawyer will arrange for your release. If the police do have incriminating evidence against you, your lawyer will represent you during the arraignment and bail proceedings. They will then proceed to build your defense.

Challenging the State
Prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have committed a crime. It will be the aim and purpose of your defense lawyer to challenge the evidence presented by the state and discern shortcomings and fallacies in the case they try to make against you.

Even if you are found guilty of the crime, you will still need a criminal defense attorney in Lewisville. It is possible for the conviction to be overturned on appeal. However, you will need to find solid grounds for making an appeal to a higher court. If the trial was in anyway prejudicial to fairness and impartiality, an appeals court may throw your conviction out.

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