Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning & Probate

Do you have a will? Most people do not – and their families will regret it. Our firm can draft your Last Will and Testament to protect your family and loved ones in the event of your death... »

Family Law

Your spouse wants a divorce. Suddenly, what you have worked for all of your life could be taken from your. That nice house, retirement savings or other property are subject to division by the divorce courts... »

Bankruptcy, Financial and Real Estate

Buying a house is usually the biggest financial transaction yo will ever do in your life. As a buyer, yours are the most underrepresented party in the transaction. The Seller has their attorney, the realtor has theirs... »

Special Service

If you are starting or have a business, it is often advisable to form an entity called a limited liability company, “S” corporation or “C” corporation. In this litigious society, creating such an entity can protect you and your personal assets from liability... »

Criminal Defense

If your are accused of a misdemeanor involving a possession of drugs, shoplifting or assault, we prepare your defense against the prosecution to establish your innocence through negotiation or trial... »

Personal Injury

A car accident or wrongful medical procedure can cause serious injury. We pursue your claim against individuals and insurance companies to maximize your recovery. All the law can do is compensate your for your injury... »